A perfect Guide to Choose Best Embroidered Suits to Upgrade Wardrobe


All females are very choosey about their dresses either it’s for casual or for formal wear. It does not matter for which use you are buying dress but you want it be more perfect and classy to give you a complete look. Embroidery collection could not be neglected while choosing dresses. They are used for all kind of uses with slight variations like

  • Formal wear (for weddings etc)
  • Semi formal wear (for parties, gatherings, engagements etc)
  • Casual wear (for household use and causal use )

Embroidered women suit are suitable for all these types of events. The only difference that comes is the style of embroidery. Semi formal and casual wear are designed to have light embroideries or embroideries are combined with different prints. Print and embroidery combination gives you more graceful and elegant look.

Properties of Embroidered Suits

Embroidered suits are available there for your different needs. Different properties are there that pushes you to choose embroidery dresses. Following are some of these

  • They can easily be blended with the sparkle to make more attractive. They are combined with best matched color combinations to give more elegancy.
  • A huge versatility is available there in embroidered dresses. Different handmade and machinery design embroideries are designed. Handmade embroidery suits are still more in trend. Because they look more elegant and graceful when you wear them.
  • They are beautifully textured on different fabrics like silk, lawn, cotton, woolen, velvet clothes etc. These are perfect according to need of different seasons etc.

These are all the properties and reasons that are kept in mind while choosing embroidery dresses.

Classification of Embroidery Dresses

Embroidery dresses are classified into two classes on basis of type of there availability. These classes are following

  • Embroidered stitched suits
  • Embroidered unstitched suits

Choices are purely on your taste and choice. Like anyone of you who have a perfect tailor for them then they tend to choose unstitched embroidered suits. Then they give it to their tailor for stitching. Embroidered unstitched suits give you to design them perfectly according to your size. You have no worries that they may not be according to your fitting.

How to Get Women Embroidered Dresses Online?

You can get dresses both from physical shop and online stores also. To get embroidered dresses for women online you have to visit online website of the brands like Sitara studios etc. visit the site, choose dress of your choice and place your order. After few days you could get the dresses at your doorstep without headache of going bazaar and visiting different shops to choose dress for yourself.


Different brands are working in Pakistan to provide you with embroidered suits to you for different uses. Sitara studios are one of the top brands that are working day and night to provide you with best embroidery collection within different affordable ranges. You can also visit our online site to avail our facilities even by sitting at home.

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