The company has been thriving on exceptional expertise and proficiency of the following board of directors:

Mr. Muhammad Anees
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Muhammad Anees is the chairman and founder of "SITARA Group". He is a prominent Pakistani industrialist and entrepreneur. He has great vision, wide knowledge and experience of national and international markets related to Textile. Over the years, he has utilized his many years of knowledge and understanding of the global textile market to be the visionary of the company.

Mr. Zahid Aslam

Mr.Zahid Aslam has been associated with Sitara Group for almost 20 years. As a General Manager Procurement , his responsibilities bestowed upon enabled him to accept challenges and take decisions in critical scenarios. His abilities in creating standard procurement processes, supplier strategy for efficient procurement structure and cost reduction is second to none.

Mr. Hamza Bashir

After getting his education from England , Mr. Hamza Bashir joined Sitara Studio as a young business man with a strong work ethic. His passion drives him to make new development in the textile industry, taking Sitara Studio to new heights. He is recognized as a visionary and a strategic thinker with leadership skills for developing and motivating winning teams and developing innovative business plans.

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