Fancy Border Towel - Maroon

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Towel Size
Color: MRN

Start your precious day with our most luxurious towel collection with zero twist cotton yarn and pamper yourself after every bath.

Made from 100% Premium Micro Cotton with extra fluffy hand feel. As the name implies, Micro Cotton has literally been "combed" to have good naturally absorbency and softness, a removal of short, uneven fibers and debris resulting in longer, stronger and more gleaming cotton perfect for weaving.

Set consists of 1 Bath Sheet Towel, 1 Bath Towel, and 1 Hand towels in a beautiful packaging. Size 550 GSM Bath Sheet Towel: 90cm x 150cm Bath Towel: 70cm x 130cm Hand Towel: 50cm x 90cm

Note: Actual Product color might slightly vary from the image


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